Of course we can. Our firm has associates throughout the Greek state.

Our biggest advantage is the experience gained in 57 years of operation. Experience is the most important factor that enables us to meet your requirements.
Another important advantage is our vast array of top-notch technological equipment available.
Finally, our honesty, confidentiality, seriousness and efficiency are the principles that we always uphold as a firm.

When choosing a private investigator office will assign the case you are concerned you should give special attention to the history of the office.

1st. How long the firm is active.

2nd. Who the founder of the firm was and under whom the current directors of the firm have practiced.

3rd. What is the experience of the private investigator.

The cost is relevant and directly related to the specific nature of each case.
Each case has its own difficulty, but our experience enables us, through clever manipulation, to simplify an investigation which, for other firms, would be a difficult task.
Therefore, with us the cost is fully compatible with the difficulties of our time.

There is no need to have any participation in our investigation. The psychological burden of your problem is enough. We undertake the whole case relieving you from any further action.
The only responsibility that you have is to ensure that there is no leak of the problem and our co-operation, as this may make the solution more difficult or even impossible.

We guarantee the outcome of the case, because we can confirm or reject the concerns and suspicions in any case that concerns you with proof and documents.
We cannot guarantee that you will like the result of our investigation. But we can guarantee that you will receive answers to the questions that concern you.

Of course you can, but the refund has nothing to with whether the result is pleasing to you or not.
If the investigation does not proceed or gets postponed by us, by all means YES, we return the money you have given us.
In particular, if we cannot proceed with your investigation due to insurmountable problems we will refund any money paid in advance after we have subtracted the amount that corresponds to the time we have spent in the investigation up to that point.
If the investigation is canceled by you, your obligation is to pay us for the time we have spent up to that point (appointments time, time spent collecting data for the initiation of the investigation, etc.).